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Core values, much like a person’s DNA, define an organization. They are what makes that organization uniquely itself and while changing circumstances may require doing things differently or even doing different things, by sticking to its core values that organization will remain uniquely itself. So what are our core values?

Genuine relationships are the heart of our church.   We genuinely like each other. We don’t build our groups or ministries through curriculum or programming, but through relationally-based events and outreach.  The authentic aspect is important to us and both an individual and a corporate relationship with God are essential.  We’re intergenerational and kids are welcome in all areas, whether in Sunday morning worship, as part of the music programs, on committees, or participating in other outreach activities. Our efforts are not top-down, they’re not filler, and not just one more thing on an already full calendar.

God calls us to meet the real needs of real people who are imperfect like us.  We pray for each others’ needs, but we are responsive to people’s real needs as well.  This involves listening to people and then taking action and getting tangible results, as well as offering prayer and conversational support. We search for ways to “lighten the load” for people both inside and outside our congregation. We are bonded by our irreverence to protocol. We believe that every human is fundamentally flawed and are aware of our own brokenness. We are not anyone’s saviors, but we respond to the needs God reveals…financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual, because we have needs ourselves.

We grow spiritually serving, worshiping, and laughing together.  As binding and healing forces, service, music, corporate worship and humor are important to us and indicate spiritual health and faith filled with joy. We seek spiritual growth that’s experiential and lived out in our body, working, praising, and joking in meetings, Sunday mornings, retreats and even Bible studies and outreach events. Our family’s faith is an active, living thing, and spiritual growth and joy arise as we engage in life with God and each other.

As we move ahead with readying ourselves to serve in our ever-changing surroundings, these values will remain at the core of who we are, what we do, and how we do it.