Health Ministry



Calvin has a part time Parish Nurse (a.k.a. Faith Community Nurse) on staff. She is a registered nurse who has completed a certified parish nurse program. The Parish Nurse uses a holistic approach to build a program of health services that promote wellness in the congregation as well as support for the work of the pastoral staff.

The Health Ministry Team at Calvin is composed of interested members of the congregation, and is chaired by the Parish Nurse. The team discusses health related issues in our community, and makes decisions about health protocols and programs to be implemented at Calvin.

Health Promotion at Calvin includes:

  • Health support and guidance (phone call or home or hospital visit) when a need occurs
  • Durable Medical Goods at Calvin for members to borrow wheel chairs, walkers, canes, bath chairs and other similar items as needed
  • Monthly Blood Pressure Screenings by a trained Blood Pressure Team
  • Community health information and class schedules on a health bulletin board and in a rounder near the office
  • An AED and first aid supplies in the church narthex
  • A CPR/AED class is scheduled as needed
  • The AARP Smart Driver class is scheduled at Calvin when needed
  • A Red Cross community blood drive is held at Calvin in March
  • An April Shower is held to receive clothes and other baby care items for at-risk babies in Washington County

Questions and more information:

Bonnie Acker, RN is the Parish Nurse at Calvin. Her regular hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-2pm. If you have health related needs or questions you can phone her at 503-639-3273 ext.14 (a message can be left anytime) or email